Mar 24, 2023 | Calling Businesses in ICT! 📣 The Ministry of Digital Transformation will soon be issuing a series of RFPs regarding: 1️⃣ A Government-Owned Modular Data Centre 🌐 2️⃣ Cyber Security Incident Response and Recovery Services! 💻 Stay tuned at for updates!    Mar 21, 2023 | Our MDT Team certainly rocked their socks today in support of the efforts to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. To learn more about the history of WDSD check out their website at:    Mar 21, 2023 | We're Hiring! 🤝👔💼 Our ICT Access Centres provide valuable access to computer technology and guidance for those who either can't or don't know how to access these utilities. Click to see how you can be a part of these employment opportunities!    

An initiative of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to provide free Wi-Fi access to the public. It is part of the government’s vision to provide free and easy access to broadband internet in public spaces.

TTWiFi’s goal is to increase access to and utilisation of the Internet by all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago helping to bridge the digital divide.

It aims to provide full access to government online services, remote working capabilities, improved productivity, online bill payment and applications, ease of access to information that can enhance educational pursuits, entertainment opportunities and other social benefits.

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