Feb 03, 2023 | Over 100 real estate agents benefitted from a Property and Real Estate Services Division (PRESD) Portal workshop hosted by the Ministry of Public Administration. They had the opportunity to register & share feedback on ways to enhance the government property management system.🏙️    Feb 01, 2023 | #ClosureNotice #AccessTT Visitors to the Guayaguayare Access Centre are advised that the Centre is closed today due to a planned power outage in the area.    Jan 28, 2023 | R to @MDT_TT: ✅ Be aware of scams such as phishing & ransomware, these attempt to collect personal information like your account and password details. ✅ Be cautious about online requests for your personal information. Trust your gut, if something seems off then it probably is.    

GovPayTT is a system allowing for cashless payments of government services. The project is currently in its second phase, with the development of a standardised method to implement GovPayTT, allowing for better scalability, faster implementation, reduction of implementation costs and higher levels of support across all clients with standardised reports for Treasury that can be easily scaled across all MDAs leveraging this service. MDAs can create standard as well as ad hoc reports developed by others.

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