Feb 03, 2023 | Over 100 real estate agents benefitted from a Property and Real Estate Services Division (PRESD) Portal workshop hosted by the Ministry of Public Administration. They had the opportunity to register & share feedback on ways to enhance the government property management system.🏙️    Feb 01, 2023 | #ClosureNotice #AccessTT Visitors to the Guayaguayare Access Centre are advised that the Centre is closed today due to a planned power outage in the area.    Jan 28, 2023 | R to @MDT_TT: ✅ Be aware of scams such as phishing & ransomware, these attempt to collect personal information like your account and password details. ✅ Be cautious about online requests for your personal information. Trust your gut, if something seems off then it probably is.    

GovNeTT is a secure wide-area communications network, which also allows Government Ministries and Agencies access to a host of applications such as messaging services and Internet access. GovNeTT is the backbone of the entire Information Communications Technology network of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

It offers:

  • Greater flexibility
    • System and Solution Integration - Increased Systems Compatibility. MDA Identity establishment for Govtt emails and websites
  • Increased Productivity
    • Work from Home capability
    • Access to on-premise GORTT applications and data via secure remote connectivity
    • Increased email storage
    • Faster access to GoRTT data and online services
  • Enhanced Security
    • Advanced threat detection and prevention
    • Private WAN connectivity for GORTT users
    • Secure end-to-end encryption
    • Streamlined administrative control for IT Administrators
  • Improved Service Delivery
    • Higher availability for services and applications
    • Faster response and resolution times
    • Updated solutions; enhanced user interface, new features
    • Stable connectivity to WAN Solutions
      • increased bandwidth
      • fibre connectivity
  • Cost Savings
    • Economies of Scale
    • GoRTT can leverage on Government shared solutions
    • GovNeTT enables MDAs’ delivery of shared services
  • Governance
    • Improved Change Management processes
    • Increased stakeholder involvement
    • Streamlined operational processes

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