Sep 27, 2022 | #TemporaryClosureNotice    Sep 27, 2022 | RT by @MDT_TT: Such an honour to meet with #HasselBacchus Minister of #DigitalTransformation of Trinidad and Tobago at the #Plenipotentiary conference of the @ITU in #bucharest #PP22 #Plenipot #Mauritius4ITUCouncil @MDT_TT    Sep 26, 2022 | RT by @MDT_TT: TSTT’s e-commerce platform, “Parlour”, will partner with 100,000 vendors to sell local and regional products. #TTBudget2023 #BudgetDayTT2023 #LiveonCCNTV6    

The Developers Hub is intended to be a virtual platform, which encourages, enables, supports and hosts the collaborative development of open-source programs and applications of specific interest to the Government.

It is expected to provide and promote opportunities for individuals and small/medium enterprises to partner with Government and participate in the development of open source software applications, which enable and/or deliver services to citizens via digital channels.

The Hub will maintain a specific focus on the creation of e-services and mobile applications to assist the Government in delivering more efficient services to the public.

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