Nov 26, 2022 | #ClosureNotice The Guayaguayare & Todd's Road Access Centres are closed today due to flooding caused by the inclement weather. Please exercise caution in your activities today if you reside in affected communities, and stay tuned to news updates and relief info via @ttgovcomms    Nov 25, 2022 | R to @MDT_TT: Here are some more snaps from the Opening of the Belle Vue Access Centre, housed in the newly constructed Belle Vue/Dibe/Dundonald Hill Community Centre #AccessTT #DigitalTransformation #trinidadandtobago🇹🇹    Nov 25, 2022 | "This Centre is not a young people thing; it is for everyone." The communities of #BelleVue, #Dibe and #DundonaldHill eagerly embraced this message from Minister Bacchus at yesterday's opening of the Belle Vue Community Centre. Welcome to the #AccessTT family Belle Vue!    

The vision for the borough of Arima is that it is to become the first “connected community”, where digital technologies are used optimally to meet the needs of its citizens and businesses. This includes enhanced digital connectivity in the economy, governance, environmental management and social interactions among other spheres of life. This flagship project integrates all the elements of Digital Society, Digital Government and Digital Economy, a truly pioneering experience that is to be rolled out to other communities.

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