Thank you to our ICT Campers!

The Ministry of Digital Transformation wishes to thank its AccessTT staff, partners, and ICT campers who contributed to making this year’s ICT Vacation Camp a success. Over 220 persons, inclusive of pre-teenagers, teenagers, and senior citizens completed the camp at the Guayaguayare, Penal, Belmont, Marac, Carenage, Cumana, Lisas Gardens, and Todd’s Road ICT Access Centres.

During August 15-18, 2023, teenagers at eight ICT Access Centres got the opportunity to explore new interests, sharpen existing skills, and make new friends during their ICT camp experience. They learned about basic concepts of computer science and online safety, played computer games, and even learned how to maintain an e-portfolio to track their plastic footprint.  Among the favourite camp activity was the Spanish segment where teens learned Spanish-related ICT words and played interactive online games in Spanish. 

Jasmine Baptiste, an ICT camper at the Penal ICT Accessa Centre said, “My favourite camp activity was Spanish Jeopardy because we dominated in Penal!”

Another ICT camper based at the Cumana Access Centre said he enjoyed coding the most, “My favorite activity was coding, I’m a longtime gamer so I got to see how video games are made and be able to make one myself,” said Kadeem Sylvester. 

Seniors had just as much fun during their camp sessions on August 21-25, 2023. They were able to learn things that can help them function in a digital society.  These include accessing their online banking, typing lessons, and how to navigate the internet for everyday use like searching for the news.  They also learned about online safety, shopping, and group video calling. 

Mr. Ronald Gibbings, who mentors youth in the Port of Spain area said he signed up for the ICT Vacation Camp to become digitally literate as it will enhance his mentoring capacity while engaging with school-aged children.  He also encouraged more citizens to embrace the 21st century by becoming digitally literate. 

The Ministry’s ICT Access Centres are a major conduit through which the MDT will deliver our Digital Skills Development Programme. This programme will deliver digital literacy learning for all; regardless of age, technical background, or gender, and will provide a systematic and consistent supply of technical expertise to meet labour market demands of our evolving, local industries. 

For more information please contact the Engagement and Behavioural Communications Unit of the Ministry of Digital Transformation via email: communications@mdt.gov.tt

Caption: Teenage ICT Campers at the Guayaguayare ICT Access Cente

Caption: Preteen ICT Campers at the Belmont ICT Access Centre.

Caption: Senior ICT Campers posing with their Digital Empowerment certificates at the Lisas Gardens ICT Access Centre. 

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