Shaping our Digital Destiny: MDT and iGovTT Unveil Plans at CANTO’s 40th AGM and ICT Conference

In their keynote address at CANTO’s 40th Annual General Meeting and ICT Conference, Cory Belfon, acting Permanent Secretary of The Ministry of Digital Transformation (MDT), and Charles Bobb-Semple, Deputy CEO of iGovTT, highlighted steps to propel Trinidad and Tobago into a digital nation.

In his address, PS Belfon outlined key components of the National Digital Transformation Strategy, which offers a road map for the country’s digital evolution. The strategic initiatives include:

  1. Proclamation of the Data Protection Act: A significant milestone set to conclude by the end of 2024, with an emphasis on data security and privacy.
  2. Prioritizing Cybersecurity: We’re creating a robust cybersecurity environment by building cybersecurity measures into our ICT solutions and systems. 
  3. Ongoing Projects: These ambitious projects are helping us make moko jumbie strides towards our digital future!These include: 
  • Achieving Interoperability which would connect government services and speed up services, 
  • Establishing a secure Government Data Centre which would house citizen data and 
  • Facilitating the release of non-sensitive government data to the public for innovative citizen-driven initiatives.

Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Cory Belfon and Deputy CEO of iGovTT, Charles Bobb-Semple at CANTO’s 40th Annual General Meeting and ICT Conference.

Deputy CEO of iGovTT, Charles Bobb-Semple, also contributed significant insights into the organization’s pivotal role in shaping Trinidad and Tobago’s ICT landscape. The highlights of his presentation included:

  1. Interoperability Framework: iGovTT’s efforts to seamlessly connect government offices, enhancing efficiency and accessibility for citizens.
  2. TTConnect Platform: A solution designed to streamline citizen inquiries about government services, reducing stress and enhancing service delivery.
  3. Developers’ Hub (D’Hub) Initiative: This award-winning collaboration, led by the MDT empowers local software developers by providing opportunities to learn, develop, and earn.

By harnessing data-driven research, technological advancements and innovation, we have been instrumental in shaping Trinidad and Tobago’s digital destiny.

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