MDT turns TWO!

Today marks the anniversary of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and we want to take this moment to highlight some of the steps that we have taken so far to push Trinidad and Tobago towards a digital future!

We’re 2 years old today!

✅🌐 Fostering international cooperation with Caribbean leaders at our Digital Leadership Conference

✅👩‍💻 The creation of D’Hub, the ultimate platform for local developers to learn and collaborate

✅📶 The opening of tons of ICT Access Centres around T&T to help the less connected get access to the Digital World

✅🚁 Supplied Drones to the Ministry of Agriculture Land and Fisheries and the Tobago Emergency Management Agency

✅👩 Took major strides towards a national e-Identity allowing for safe and secure access to government services from the comfort of your home

✅💾 Took big steps towards creating a Tier 4 government-owned data centre which will keep our nation’s data is safe

These are only some of what we’ve accomplished in the past year and we look forward to continuing serving Trinidad and Tobago!

Stay tuned to find out what we do next!

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