Congrats T&T! Recognized for Excellence in Mobile Connectivity

Senator the Honourable, Hassel Bacchus, Minister of Digital Transformation, collecting the award in Barcelona, Spain on Monday February 26, 2024. (Photo courtesy GSMA)

On Monday, February 26th 2024, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was honoured with the GSMA Government Leadership Award! Senator the Honourable Hassel Bacchus, Minister of Digital Transformation, proudly accepted the award at the Mobile World Congress – Ministerial Programme in Barcelona, Spain. This marked the first time a Caribbean nation has won this accolade!  

The Ministry and its regulator, the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) were recognized for our: 

1. Prolific efforts to modernize their regulatory regimes and bring digital services to its citizens; with 10 public consultations held on topics including spectrum planning, 5G policy, and maritime mobile services;

2. Regional leadership in the WRC-23 preparatory process, particularly in the support of mid-band spectrum for mobile; and assignment of mobile spectrum in 700 MHz, 850 MHz and AWS bands to mobile operators at significantly reduced rates to foster digital growth;

3. Rollout of numerous initiatives to ensure digital inclusion, including ICT Access Centres that provide skills training and access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) across the nation. 

As we continue making moko jumbie strides toward a digital future, awards like these highlight the Ministry and TATT’s commitment to telecommunications regulation and inclusive digital transformation. 

About the GSMA Ministerial Programme: 

This is a world-leading forum for policymakers and global industry leaders from across the mobile ecosystem and adjacent industries. Every year, the GSMA recognizes one country that has made significant strides in digital policy and telecom regulation during the previous 12 to 18 months.

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