Our Team


Our Team

Digital transformation is a journey, and
we are proud of all the resources, talents and skills we have on board to take us towards our digital future.

Senator the Honourable Hassel Bacchus

Minister of Digital Transformation

“Digital Transformation, the business of this Government, is about much more than improvement. Digital Transformation is about fundamentally changing what we do, how we do it, and why we do it, to enable us to be more effective in delivering goods and services to customers. It’s much more than improvement, it’s a revolution and that is what Digital Transformation is about.”

Senator the Honourable Hassel Larry Bacchus was appointed as Minister of Digital Transformation, July 12th, 2021, after serving as Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Digital Transformation from August, 2020. He believes strongly in the values of mutual trust and collaboration with all for the achievement of GoRTT’s digital transformation efforts, to build a healthy, sustainable ICT ecosystem for Trinidad and Tobago.

Cory Belfon

Permanent Secretary (a.i.)

Cory Belfon stands at the forefront of a variety of technology industry trends: digital transformation, artificial intelligence and cloud services. He assumed the role of Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Digital Transformation in January 2023, having spent the past fourteen years leading transformative projects across various industries. His most recent experience was at the Ministry of Education, where he conceptualised and implemented the strategic ICT vision for the Ministry, and internal and external engagement stakeholder platforms. He is committed to the successful implementation of the MDT’s mandate which will introduce compelling digital experiences to our country and enhance the quality of life for all our citizens. In his words, “Onwards and Upwards!”

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