Our Mandate

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Our Mandate

A new way to address the end-to-end consumption and delivery of goods and services to customers, using appropriate digital technology.

Our Aims & Purpose

  • Increased access to ICT in underserved communities.
  • Improved digital literacy.
  • Improved governance efficiencies – faster transaction times; “no wrong door” for access to Government services.
  • Reduced bottlenecks, duplications, and fraud in our public systems for grants and allowances.
  • Opportunities for our developers and entrepreneurs – lessening international risks and anchoring our ICT infrastructure at home.
  • strengthened ICT legislative framework – ensuring the protection of all citizens’ rights to privacy and protection.
  • stimulated local economy and reduced reliance on forex for international solutions, creating better value for money.
  • Re-establishing Trinidad and Tobago as the local and regional model for digital transformation.

Our Core Values

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Instilling hope that we are starting something sustainable that will benefit everyone, so as to revolutionise the way we do business.

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Identifying and developing the right skills, abilities and competences within government and society at large to facilitate meaningful contributions.

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Being flexible and agile enough to adapt as circumstances change so that we can meet the evolving and specific needs of citizens.

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Demonstrating that our digital infrastructure is secure, robust and will withstand cyber attacks and independent scrutiny. Our technology will be known for its reliability and availability.

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Emulating what we preach and leading by action.

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Encouraging people to always be in the know, to engage and have dialogue with us to help shape and prioritise all that we do.

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Adhering to the principles of governance and integrity, and being accountable to citizens so they see all that we do, and what it means for them.

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