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Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad & Tobago

An initiative of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to provide Wi-Fi access to the public. It is part of government’s vision to provide Wi-Fi at no cost and easy access to broadband internet in public spaces.

TTWiFi’s goal is to increase access to and utilisation of the Internet by all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago helping to bridge the digital divide.

It aims to provide full access to government online services, remote working capabilities, improved productivity, online bill payment and applications, ease of access to information that can enhance educational pursuits, entertainment opportunities and other social benefits.

To date, TATT has rolled out the TT Wi-Fi programme to:

  • 47 schools;
  • 12 transport hubs and;
  • 23 public libraries;
  • In addition, 25 health facilities are currently scheduled for implementation via funding from the USF.

Additional Information can be found here

A Journey of Community Engagement

The Ministry of Digital Transformation (MDT), in collaboration with iGovTT and TATT, embarked on an inspiring journey with the TTWifi Roadshow last year, traversing the vibrant communities of Sangre Grande, Couva, Debe, and Rio Claro. From bustling streets to scenic landscapes, the roadshow served as a platform for fostering connectivity and engaging with citizens across Trinidad and Tobago.

Commitment to Connectivity:

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